There is something about holding a book in your hand. It can represent history, a collection of poems, an untold story of a life well lived, a story of heart pumping adventure, a set of instructions for an Adirondack chair, the story of a family of moose, a tale of passionate romance or a meaningful recollection of a country's struggles for existence. A book is a treasure to some of us and that is to whom we are hoping to cater.

The words on a page in a collection of pages, bound in some form to keep them together are special to us. The feel of leather and pages that smell of their manufacture and inking are a joy to many of us. Nothing can take their place and even the new form of electronic publishing will probably never replace books for those who love them.

Bookmeisters is dedicated to those who love books. It contains invaluable information to anyone who finds an urge to collect them. And there are so many reasons to do so. There are those who collect every book in every publication of their favorite author and go into complete rapture when they find a title they don't have at a church bazaar or garage sale. Some collect books only hardbound. Some prefer authors from a certain period of history. More than one person has attempted to collect every version of a single title that has been reprinted for over 100 years or more. Once a collection is started, they are almost never broken apart during the collector's lifetime.

We also have information on how to care for books at every stage of their life. Keeping books clean and treating some things that attack books can extend their lifetime. Think of it as being careful with a friendship. Repairing a badly damaged book might best be left to professionals but most minor repairs are within the average collector's abilities. We address some of those techniques and show you how to repair loose pages, wobbly bindings and even how to reverse or stop the dreaded mold. We also will tell you what to do if the mold is not reversible.

Buying and selling books are discussed along with the many ways to do both. A common misconception that a book is more valuable simply because it is old is the topic of a long article by a very experienced book seller. Bargains can be found out there which combat the high publishing costs of new books for those on a budget. Bookmeisters is the best source of information gathered for book lovers.

Enjoy your time browsing here.